Children love to love dolls.  

They will rock the ‘baby’ to sleep, carry it around, 

feed and dress it.

This kind of affection can sometimes replace the love   and affection that is not received at home and should be encouraged because it provides an emotional outlet for many children.



Dolls are used in the fantasy corner for roll play and for teaching life skills.

Remember, not only girls play with dolls!



Talk about:

•  Body Parts on the dolls and on the learners. 

•  How to care for the doll. Relate this to a real life situation.

•  Washing and bathing the dolls. Relate this to a real life situation.

•  Healthy food: Important for the dolls and the learners.

•  Sleep: A good night’s sleep is important for babies, children and adults.

•  Good and bad touching: Explain that it is necessary to be aware of strangers. Learners should be taught to
    discourage any person who tries to touch them in a bad or uncomfortable way.

•  Child Line: Learners should know the number (10111).    


Roll Play is important for young children.  

It encourages the use of appropriate language in various situations.

•  Learners can roll play while bathing, dressing, feeding and caring for the dolls.

•  Use the dolls when a new member of the family is expected and show the learner what role he can play in caring for the baby.

•  Roll play taking the dolls to the clinic, and other public places. In this way, learners will know what to expect.  

•  Roll play the role of each of the family members – eg. Dads can also help to care for babies!




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