Balance beams help learners to develop:

•  Body awareness

•  Good Posture

•  Muscle control and body strength

•  Balance

•  Spatial awareness

•  Laterality 

•  Concentration skills

•  Eye tracking skills

•  Language and thinking skills


•  Stand on the beam with hands on hips.

•  Stand on one leg / stand on the other leg.

•  Stand on one leg with eyes closed.

•  Stand with one foot in front of the other.

•  Walk forward with heels touching toes and hands on hips / head / behind back, etc.

•   Walk backwards with heels touching toes and hands on hips.

•  Walk with beanbag on head.

•  Stand on the beam; bend down, pick up a beanbag and walk to the end of the beam.

•  Walk sideways on the beam.

•  Jump over the beam.

•  Sit opposite each other, straddle the beam with feet on the ground - roll a ball from one learner to the other.

•  Move along the beam to the beat of a drum.

•  The balance beam can be used as part of a circuit which includes balls, bean bags, hoops and ropes.

Learners can be divided into groups and progress from one station to the next until they have completed the circuit.


NB. When walking on the beam, encourage learners to focus their eyes on the end of the beam, and not to look down at their feet!







Balance Beam

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