Learning to write is one of the greatest achievements of man.  If your learners are able to write neatly and express themselves in an acceptable manner, they have come a long way to achieving success in their scholastic careers.


Learners can use the chalkboaard to practice writing patterns and in this way, develop good writing habits at an early age.


In the long run, the chalkboard is cheaper than paper. It can be used over and over again, whereas paper is expensive and easily and quickly used up.


Learners can hold up their boards and the teacher can check their work at a glance.   


Every learner should have a piece of chalk and a damp cloth to wipe off the work once it is done.



Chalkboards can be used for:

•  Writing patterns

•  Drawing shapes

•  Writing numbers 

•  Writing letters of the alphabet

•  Quick sums

•  Mental arithmetic

•  Phonic practice

•  Spelling

•  Flash board for the teacher

Chalk Boards - Learner

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