Smart Thinking posters have been designed according to the themes taught in Early Learning and Foundation Phase classes. 

These colourful posters will enhance your classroom and delight your young learners.



Posters are used:

•  To stimulate language and increase vocabulary.

•  As a starting point for discussion before an art or creative writing lesson.

•  In conjunction with the themes being taught at any given time. 

•  Number charts are used to help learners gain an understanding of the quantitive value of numbers.

•  Body Image charts are used to give learners an understanding of their bodies.  



•  Do not hang all the posters on the classroom walls at once. Reserve wall space to display the learners’ work.

•  Theme posters should be selected and hung according to current themes.

•  Posters may be hung using Presstick or nailed to a piece of wood and hung on a hook.

•  Posters should be hung at the eye-level of the learners.

•  Posters should be carefully rolled and stored in a dry place.

•  Before hanging a poster on the wall, discuss the pictures with the learners, so that they are aware of
   the content as applicable to the lesson or theme which is being taught.

•  A holistic approach to theme teaching is advised. 

When hanging a poster according to the theme, collect real or model representations of the objects depicted on the poster and place them on a display table or bench below the poster. 

•  These objects should be labelled (incidental reading) and can be talked about by the learners or the teacher.


The posters: My Body, Numbers 1-10, Colours and Shapes have lines which indicate where the teacher can write the relevant word in the required language.


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